Get independent, Ride High!

Never ever be dependent, when you can enjoy, ride and explore on your own with wayout.

How ItWorks

To begin with Wayout, you can only happen to choose the most easiest way, as starting up with Waytout app is most convenient and definitely easy to use.


After downloading the Wayout app from Google play store or iOS store, tap on the app and get started.


After signing in or registration, Choose pick up location and destination location, and then tap on Book ride. This way you can kick off to your journey.


Our specialized and trained woman driver will pick you up from your location, and drive you to your destination safely.


While you will be enjoy the sight seeings, drive and exploring new things, the wayout's woman driver will make you reach to your destination.


After reaching the final destination, Pay for the journey and later review your trip by giving a feedback on the Wayout app.

Keeping you safe

For us, women safety is our priority and through Wayout app, we make sure that every journey of women is safe and secure. We have hired professional and experienced women driver, who drives smooth like butter, even in worse conditions.

Like the drive, we make sure the journey has to be pleasing and safe. That's why, the friendly drivers will make your trip to your final destination will make it worth experiencing.

Safetyfor all

available 24/7

You can access the app anytime, and can make your booking at any hour. The drive is available 24 x 7.

Full Tracking

You and your family can track your ride from their smartphones. Hence, keep an eye on your journey.

No Exploitation

Your pickup and drop is being done by female professional drivers, which will protect you from any kind of exploitation.

Safeguards included

Your ride on a scooter is completely inclusive of all safeguards viz. Helmets, and Sunglasses, providing extra safety throughout the ride.

Always here for you

Wayout app, is always on their wheels, to provide impeccable services to womanhood. Anyone can access the app at anytime and from anywhere. The wayout app, won't only make your journey seamless, but also provide safety and security to woman rider, which might not be provided by other riding apps.

We believe, that feel of riding out can happen anytime, and thus we are happy to say that Wayout app is here to help at all hours. Download now!